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Spectacular firework displays

Wedding Firework Specialists

by Phenonemal Fireworks

Wedding fireworks displays are now becoming increasingly popular and a must have addition to any wedding celebration.

Phenomenal Fireworks were one of the pioneers of wedding fireworks and have been offering our services in this field for many years.

We’ve had the pleasure of providing fireworks for many couples…


…make your day special and finish with a bang

Bride & Groom watching their spectacular firework display over the lake
Bride & Groom surrounded by romantic love heart sparklers
Mr & Mrs firework display
Fireworks displays can be accompanied by music too
Stunning firework displays that end your wedding day with a spectacular bang
Fireworks paint a romantic backdrop to your wedding
Wow your guests with a magical firework display
Bride & Groom's names with love heart
Incredible firework displays
Spectacular wedding firework displays by Phenomenal Fireworks
Extravagant firework display at a wedding venue
Wow your guests with a magical firework display
Wow your guests with a magical firework display
Personalised fireworks with Bride & Groom's initials and love heart
Firework displays that dazzle
Phenomenal Fireworks add a touch of class to your wedding
Phenomenal Fireworks

Musical Fireworks Displays

Music is the perfect compliment to fireworks and it’s important that great care is taken to ensure the two match at all times.

At Phenomenal Fireworks the design team can conjure up a dazzling display, whatever your needs.

Just imagine fireworks dancing to the rhythm & beats of your favourite piece or pieces of music!

Spectacular wedding firework displays by Phenomenal Fireworks
Fireworks displays can be low noise & accompanied by music too

Low Noise Displays

With more and more venues now asking for ‘low noise firework displays’ we are pleased to say we can offer a wide range of low noise display options, which can either be with or without music.

Whatever your budget, we can create a unique, intense and spectacular display for you that will create an unforgettable fireworks display to celebrate your big day and also keep your venue happy!

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